A Single Raindrop

As we began working on this audio essay assignment in my Advanced Writer’s Workshop class we talked a lot about how we could incorporate sound into our recording thoughtfully and effectively. The more we worked with sounds and how they can affect an audio essay, the more I realized how important music has been in my life. I decided to take this opportunity to work with sound and music and make my audio essay all about my love for the art of music.



The revision process for my audio essay was very brief, as I found it difficult to go back and edit the audio file. I decided to change the title of my audio essay from “Music is My Drug” to “A Single Raindrop” for my final submission. The first title felt fairly cliche and was a bit of a last minute decision for the pencil grade. It was suggested that I change the title and I wholeheartedly agreed. My new title fits the overall theme of the essay much better. The mood it conveys matches the mood of the audio – the text itself, my reading of the text, and the sound effects added – and helps set the listener up for what to expect much better. I also updated the featured image for the post to reflect the new title.